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Manila: A Portrait


The majority of people with no access to adequate clean water live in Asia.

Up to 40% of Filipino's have limited or no access to clean water.

Less than 50% of the urban population has running water in their homes and 70% of the population makes do with boiling water or alternatively drinks unclean-water from taps.

As a result, the leading causes of deaths and illness in the Philippines are food and waterborne diseases such as bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A and typhoid fever. 

Caloocan City is located in the North Western part of Manila Bay in the Philippines and is in need of clean water , improved health, employment and education for their children.


Community water stations provide Filipinos with an alternative to unclean drinking water. A water station generates business opportunities, employment and houses a community centre for local families.

Water For Water’s community water station opened in September 2011
and is now providing Filipinos with an alternative to unclean drinking water.

This year (2012) Water For Water has continued to invest into the community of Caloocan City, Philippines by financially supporting a Medical Clinic, childhood education program as well as a training and leadership program for youth.

By purchasing Water For Water you are helping not only fund the water station in Caloocan City , but also will be investing into changing the lives of the people in this community through water, medical needs & education.